Started in November 2014, “Airrtoast®” is a brand that specializes in a simple menu including toasts, coffee and fresh juice. ‘Airr’ stands for our signature ‘Air bread’, which is our key ingredient that is extremely light and has large air pockets. Our vision is to be the ideal compact, fresh, clean & transparent quick service FnB kiosk

Opened on 31st October 2015, Zolocrust is not just a live kitchen, we do not have a back area and even the dish-washing area is kept open for your visibility.

Our team is equipped with the right infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology to ensure you get their best work every single time.

Since before we opened, we have installed a fully equipped poly-house and kitchen garden, now, with over 70 large beds, where we grow a variety of salad vegetables and herbs. You can be rest assured of the safety and freshness of what you’re eating.




To Inspire Morality In Business

To create a business with the foundation of morality that positively impacts the life of every individual or environment that we come in contact with.

To have a culture of high performance & extreme attention to detail along with strong values to reach the highest heights in whatever business we do.

By doing so we hope to inspire other individuals/ businesses along the same healthy path. 



To abstain from serving any being on our menu

To abstain from stealing

To abstain from sexual misconduct

To abstain from telling lies

To abstain from serving intoxicants


Simple menu
Simple recipes
Simple and honest communication
Simple operating standards
Simplicity in our attitude and behavior
Simplicity in our purpose


Smile and take pride in what we do
Smile as soon as we see the customer
Smile while serving the order
Smile and give a fond farewell when the customer is leaving
Smile and treat each other with respect