Airr toast and Zolocrust are both unconventional concepts not because we wanted to make them so but because our experience and ideas led us in these directions. One thing I’m very proud of is that at the inception of our company our purpose was clear: To inspire morality in business. more

In business often short cuts and immoral decisions are taken simply for greater profitability. However conducting business with a base of morality can lead to much greater longevity and financial success for a company.

So to inspire morality we need to define morality. This we did by using the 5 moral precepts given the Buddha for house holders about 25 centuries ago. These in our own words are:

To abstain from serving beings on our menu
To abstain from stealing (also includes that we must pay our fair share of taxes).
To abstain from sexual misconduct
To abstain from lying
To abstain from serving intoxicants (alcohol, tobacco and banned substances)

This is the foundation of our business and every decision we are faced with must be tested against these values. Often our team has talked about this, especially when at times the situation makes it very tough for us to make decisions in line with our values. We are far from perfect but our understanding and resolve to conduct our business in line with our core values is stronger than ever.

Our purpose is to promote such moral values in the business environment in India as well as around the world.

We want to prove that by doing business morally a company can become very successful. We want to touch the lives of our customers, employees, suppliers, management and all associated in such a way that they value, treasure and think of their experience long after they are with us.

This is what we must look to achieve. Be present in the moment, respect every task and fulfil it with awareness and understanding.

Tortoise livelihood is about being disciplined, having fun and breaking records. We understand that it is discipline that gives us our freedom. Freedom from our habits, moods, desires and other self-destructive behaviour. Discipline is doing what is right rather than what one feels like doing. This consistency gives us momentum to achieve our objectives and goals. Which is why last year we made “Discipline is my freedom” our company motto.

It has been a roller coaster journey to get to where we are and it continues. The pleasure is in this journey, in our discipline, our conduct, the way we go about our business and the fact that we are a team (“we” not “I”) that supports each other.

Arjun Kumar